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Format & Content

L3 Cloud Properties (CLDPROP_L3) Format & Content

The PDF link below allows one to download and view the complete SDS Inventory Table for the CLDPROP_L3 (which translates to either the CLDPROP_D3 or CLDPROP_M3) product. This table provides a full accounting of the Groups and Variables in the L3 CLDPROP Continuity Product File. The inline JPG image which is basically just a screen-capture of the top part (the beginning) of the PDF Table, is provided for an easier initial view -- however to see the full listing, one must download/view the PDF attachment. Note that the Format & Content for the D3 and M3 product are identical -- that is, the internal Group and Variable inventory matches exactly.

Version 001

L3 Cloud Properties Product Content

Full Inventory Table (complete)

CLDPROP_L3 (D3 or M3) Group and Variable Inventory Table    (PDF Format, 398 Kb, v1.0.1)


Partial Screen Capture of Table (incomplete)

This is a Partial Screen Capture of the Table (incomplete).  For the complete Table, see the PDF file linked above.