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Panoply \PAN-uh-plee\, noun: 1. "A splendid or impressive array". Panoply is a cross-platform application that plots geo-gridded and other arrays from netCDF, HDF, GRIB, and other datasets. With Panoply 4 you can: 1.) Slice and plot geo-gridded latitude-longitude, latitude-vertical, longitude-vertical, or time-latitude arrays from larger multidimensional variables. 2.) Slice and plot "generic" 2D arrays from larger multidimensional variables. 3,) Slice 1D arrays from larger multidimensional variables and create line plots. 4.) Combine two geo-gridded arrays in one plot by differencing, summing or averaging. 5.) Plot lon-lat data on a global or regional map using any of over 100 map projections or make a zonal average line plot. 6.) Overlay continent outlines or masks on lon-lat map plots. 7.) Use any of numerous color tables for the scale colorbar, or apply your own custom ACT, CPT, or RGB color table. 8.) Save plots to disk GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF bitmap images or as PDF or PostScript graphics files. 9.) Export lon-lat map plots in KMZ format. 10.) Export animations as AVI or MOV video or as a collection of invididual frame images. 11.) Explore remote THREDDS and OpenDAP catalogs and open datasets served from them.

Cost: Free
Version: 4.9.4
Release Date: 30 August 2018
Requirements (platform & operating system):
Requires Java SE 6 runtime environment or better installed.
Rating: 5
Development Team:
Dr. Robert B. Schmunk (NASA GISS)

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Date Converter Dashboard Widget for Mac or PC Users

A Date Converter (Calendar Date to Day-of-Year) Dashboard Widget (for Mac or PC users) -- automatically adjusts for leap years. Developed by Gala Wind (NASA GSFC).

Tarball (Mac or PC / Dashboard Widget)