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Cloud Team

Cloud Optical Properties

Name Role EMail
Steve Platnick COP Group Lead, Science & Analysis
Kerry Meyer COP Co-Lead, Science & Analysis
Gala Wind L2 Software, Science & Analysis
Tom Arnold Science & Analysis (General)
Nandana Amrasinghe Science & Analysis (Radiative Transfer, LUT's)
Benjamin Marchant Science & Analysis (Cloud Phase)
Chenxi Wang Science & Analysis

Cloud Top Properties (MODIS Standard)

Name Role EMail
Steve Ackerman CTP MODIS Standard Group Lead
Rich Frey Science Algorithm Lead
Bryan Baum Cloud Phase Infrared Scientist

Cloud Top Properties (Continuity)

Name Role EMail
Steve Ackerman CTP Continuity Group Lead  
Bob Holtz Science & Analysis  

Cirrus Reflectance  (No longer maintained, but still being produced)

Name Role EMail
Bo-Cai Gao Former CR Group Lead